Is there a good time to come to my first rehearsal?
Yes! Any week is fine with us! BUT we have a special rehearsal once a term, which we call our Bring a Friend Night. This rehearsal is geared specifically towards new members - for next Bring a Friend night click here.

How good do you have to be?
For Training Band, you need to be about Grade 1 to 4 standard, and for Concert Band, about Grade 4 upwards.

How old do you have to be?
There's no age restrictions - we have players from under 10 years old, to over 60.

I play two instruments, could I play both?
Yes! Many players use Training Band to brush up their skills on a second instrument, and then play their first instrument in Concert Band

What do I do to join?
Read our Membership Page and/or click New Member to email and make contact

Can I try it and see?
Yes! Feel free to come to one or two or rehearsals to see how you get on, and you can then pay weekly for the rest of that term (£1/week for Training Band, £2/week for Concert Band).

What are the advantages of playing in a band?
You learn to play as part of an ensemble, improve your listening skills, develop your sight-reading skills, and meet new people. Oh, and the tea's not bad either.

I've never played in a band before - won't I get left behind?
We realise that playing in a band can initially seem challenging, as it may be the first encounter with a conductor, or the first time playing the notes at the same speed and in the same order as everyone else. However, everyone does master these skills, although it may take a term or so. After all, we all started off in exactly the same way…

How often do you need to attend?
It's best if you can attend every week (rehearsals are term time only) but it's fine to miss the odd one.

How much does it cost?
£8 a term for Training Band, £16 a term for Concert Band.
If you play in both bands, you just pay the £16.

Do we get a tea break?
Concert Band has a break for free tea, coffee or squash.

What do you wear for concerts?
Black trousers or skirt, white shirt/blouse, optional bow ties/jackets for the boys/men. Black shoes and socks please!!

How often do you play concerts?
We perform at least 5 times a year, in various venues around Colchester and Clacton.

I have a great idea for a piece of music - can I make a suggestion?
Yes, we are always open to new ideas for music - we need as much info as possible - the composer, the arranger, the publishing company etc.

What type of instruments can I play in the band?
Basically all Woodwind (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon & Saxophones), all Brass (Trumpet, Cornet, Horn, Trombone, Euphonium & Tuba) Instruments.

Where does the money go received from concerts?
All of the band's concerts are for Charity, with £31,000 raised since 2004. Any fee the band does take from concerts goes towards expenses incurred (e.g. publicity) and the cost of purchasing new music. The Band is totally voluntary - no one connected with the band or the Committee gets paid for their services.

What type of concert is the band suitable for?
Concerts where you are looking for an enjoyable evening of light music, including classics, shows, films, marches etc.

What sort of venue is required for the band?
The venue needs to have a flat area approximately 30ft by 30ft for the band to set up, with sufficient parking for members and audience.

Which area does the band play in?
North Essex and Suffolk